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"We want to be poets of our life
first of all in the smallest
most everyday matters."

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I recommend listening to my custom Launchcast station whilst perusing the site. Think of it as my soundtrack. The result of 2000+ ratings you are likely to hear Steve Martin, Warren Zevon, Chris Rock, The Violent Femmes, Maria McKee, Jason & The Scorchers, The Cure, Sinead O'Connor, The Monkees, Nick Drake.



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long overdue thanks to:

For Leonard Cohen and the meteoric years

For credit of inspiration, passion, music, and Israel

Rob Rummel-Hudson
For the attitude, the trombone, and the father's fierce devotion to his daughter

Derek Powazek
Inspiration, Fray3, dinner in Cole Valley

John Halcyon Styn
Spring of good vibrations, Grandpa Caleb, and the laughter




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E Pluribus Unum

U.S. health care broken - costs twice as much as other modern democracies and leaves us at the bottom in nearly all statistical categories.

We need a public option to break the downward spiral of for-profit health care.

Listen & learn: The public option explained in 2 1/2 minutes

Do something now before you regret sitting on the sidelines.

Vote Republican: You'll get what you deserve.

To take back our country:

1) Be informed

Blue Oregon

Daily Kos

Air America Radio

Huffington Post

2) Take action
Whether it's an e-mail, a petition, a phone call, a donation, holding a sign, going door-to-door, or making a donation -- do something. That's how we won in 2006.

Democracy for Oregon

Democracy for America

3) Talk liberal, own liberal. Refuse the right wing frame.


4) Remember why we fight

The Liberal Legacy
Consider a short and incomplete list of 20th-century liberal triumphs, all vehemently opposed by conservatives at the time...

W's record of failure and weakness.



May you never be

more active

than when you are doing




They may forget

what you said,

but they will never forget

how you made them


-Carl W. Buehner



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