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August 6, 1998  

An introduction  

I live in a neighborhood called Sunnyside in a city famous for it's rain.  

I have kept a daily journal for about 7 years.  This is not that journal.  It's nothing very deep, just the events of the day. But somehow I fool myself into thinking that it is my shield against mortality. 

(Just now trying to remove a small winged insect from my monitor, I blew so hard that I spit all over the screen.  I feel kinda stupid.) 

Without looking at a clock I can usually tell you what time it is within 5 minutes.  

I think I'm turning Japanese, but in fact I am mostly Norwegian & Danish with some German and English thrown in.  

Naze is, of course, a Belgian name.  In Japanese the word "naze" means how or why.  In 1942, Grandpa Naze sold diesel to farmers in the Willamette Valley (Oregon), many of whom were Japanese.  After Pearl Harbor, the government rounded up Japanese-Americans, took their land and forced them into internment camps.  Grandpa lost his business and his name.  We used to say nah-ZAY, but because of those Nazi bastards he switched to NAYZ.  

I am a violist.  Not a particularly gifted or talented one, but a violist nonetheless.  

I was once an imaginary friend, a space dog named Alsey.  

I may be one of the best Rampart (Atari circa 1990) players on the planet, but the worst Risk player because I become emotionally attached to territories like the Congo.  

I'm not accustomed to using "I" so frequently in sentences.  

I am married to Shiva and she is beautiful and terrible and destroys my world regularly and rebuilds it.  

I live in the near future more often than is healthy.  

I have 2 sons, ages 5 and 2, who are the center of my galaxy.  Strangers stop me on the street and tell me how much the eldest looks like me.  Flatterers.  The youngest is ebullient with a radiant round head like the Sun Baby on Teletubbies.  

HTML is not my friend.  

For money, I am a product manager.  When I was in school (Monica Lewinsky's alma mater) I thought I wanted to be a lawyer.  But now I realize it is better to be resented than despised.  

My greatest fear is to be stuck anywhere without something good to read

At times in my life I have become obssessed.  Not a raging, flaming obsession but a low, burning, steady heat that I can't ignore.  It helps me to do things that I wouldn't ordinarily do.  

It's late.  Sleep well.  


p.s.  Step in a little closer to the fire and let me see you.  

p.p.s.  Look around!  I made it for you myself. 

p.p.p.s.  Derek draws the analogy between his portal site, the whole portal concept and his other, um, portal.  Well, all I have to say is "nice ass!"  Thanks for the kind words and the link.  It really means a lot.




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