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August 12, 1998  

Interview with the author: 

an invention in three parts

superego:  So, Naze, aren't you a little late to the party? 

ego:  Yes. 

superego:  I mean, this stuff might have flown in '95, y'know badges and weak buttons, pictures of cats, that whole sloppy funky look?

ego:  Would it help if I told you that my eyes have a mist from a smoke of a distant fire?

superego:  What?

id:  Ah, I see...

superego:  What are you trying to accomplish?

ego:  I think I already covered that.

superego:  ...little snot...   Isn't it true that even you can't accurately recite your site address from memory?

id:  Don't look at me.  I wanted a personal domain name.

ego:  Yeah, and aren't you the guy who used to bring us the technicolor nightmares where the puppet came alive and chased us until we fell in a deep pit in the hallway?

id:  Um, yeah.

superego:  So when are you getting the personal domain name?

ego:  Jeez, do you think the hit count really merits the 3 extra C-notes a year?  When it says "freshly fallen snow", it ain't kiddin'.

superego:  What kind of plans do you have for this little experiment of yours?

ego:  I probably won't run out of Stupid material -- ever.  There are a couple more  Brushes with Greatness to inflict on our guests.  And we received an actual request for a sound file of us playing the viola which will probably happen.

I've also put together some notes for a couple of new sections.  One is a compilation of people and things that share our launch date onto this planet, which will be called something like "Spawn of '64", and another that features harrowing stories of fatherhood -- "In Parentis Loco" is it's working title.

superego:  That's very cute.  Now let's assume that you are actually going to follow through with these half-baked plans of yours -

id:  Hey, hey!  Lighten up, Super.

superego:  What we have here is a certain issue of a tree falling in the woods...

id:  Let's insult or rip off more of the people we secretly admire.  C'mon, it already worked once!

superego:  You mean like this blatant rip-off of Lance interviewing himself?

id:  Yeah!

ego:  Actually, I've always been partial to People Chase.  I've been bugging Karawynn to activate her squads of evaluators, in hopes that we can fool them into taking us on, but I see that she's been, um, busy.

id:  Heh-heh, heh-heh.  Busy.

superego:  So how long do you think you can keep this going?

ego:  Well, if history is any lesson then I've got 2 years, on the outside, before I completely lose it.  But before then I'll have to gain a fanatical following, stalkers included, exert a strong gravitational force on the Web, then inexplicably withdraw my site at the height of it's powers and then just as suddenly return with a redesign.  I figure it will be a lot easier to skip the middle steps and redesign next week.

superego:  I see.  Isn't that Maria McKee over there in a little black one piece?

ego & id:  Where?!  Where?!

superego: (to the reader)  Quick!  Run!

Good night from the 3 of us,


p.s.  Step in a little closer to the fire and let me see you.  

p.p.s.  If you swing by about every 7-10 days, I'll bake up something new for you.

p.p.p.s.  Still eternally grateful to the Frayed One, for making Days his Link of the Moment for August 7 - 10.  However, hits have taken a dive since so we're looking for a new benefactor.  Will work for links.  [give it a rest, naze.  go to bed.  -the editors]






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