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September 4, 1998  

Spawn are Sprung  
One day you wake up and those geeks you went to preschool with start getting all grown up on you.  You squint at the big screen and those thems are now us.  And while it has happened every day since the beginning of Time, the realization that you are the Grown Ups will never cease to halt you in your tracks and make you ponder how that all happened.  The big wheel keeps on toinin': danger, fame, flameout, spotlight, death.  Where it stops nobody knows.  

Lists like this are admittedly passe.  I like to think of it as cool-proofing my site.  (Or maybe I could have checked that one off the list at launch.  Hmmm...)  

You, on the other hand, may prefer some form of cover to maintain a cool distance.  Yes, if you prefer a more oblique amusement from Spawn, may I suggest one of the following approaches?  

  • Pity       "God.  This is pathetic.  Look at this piece of crap list.  I can't believe he actually did this. "
  • Nostalgia    "Man, whatever happened to all those groovy Netscape Now badges?  If he just listed what he had for lunch, this place would be totally bitchin'!"
  • Dismay   "Phew!  1964 was a good year for Bordeaux, but really reeked in the gene pool..."
  • Despair    "You mean we've got to put up with 40 more years of this?"

 34 peoples & stuff.  One for each year.  Are you Spawn 

Would you just click already?  


p.s.  Step in a little closer to the fire and let me see you.  

p.p.s.  Heygeekgirl!  Hope the days of rays at burning man are to your liking.  Here's linking right back atcha.




















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book:  Peter the Great by Robert Massie. See Peter meet the Emperor.  See Peter break protocol.  See courtiers wince.  I love this book.  (I'm a slow reader.  Get used to seeing this one on here.)

 cd:  Sinatra 80th - All the Best   
(yes, I am an old man)


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