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October 4, 1998   
The Rules of Stupid (a.k.a. the Stupid Rules)  
How does one separate the chaff of blunder and catastrophe from the kernels of ripe stupidity?  Are the stupid protected by law or only by god?  Is it women, children, stupid and then men?  How can I be more stupider?  

These are questions that I, frankly, am never asked.  But in the little theater of my mind, I pretend that you ask.  (Visualize visitor squirming in chair and moving mouse to the "back" button...)  And in the spirit of the incomparable level of service you have come to expect from days of naze, here we are anticipating your every need.  

  1. The bad things that are happening to you now are just new material for later.
  2. Stupidity should not be embellished (much).
  3. "Stupid" is a dangerous weapon that should never be pointed and should only be operated by an "I" (me, in this case).
  4. There is no Constitutional protection for stupidity, although it sounds like a good idea.
  5. Matters of consequence (i.e. divorce, death, destitution) that appear to be stupid are, in fact, tragic and should be avoided.

Feeling stupid?  Me too.  

Presenting a new episode from Stupid Things I Have Done: How I Froze to Death (Almost) in the middle of the city.  



p.s.  "My name is Chris and I'm a Burger Time-aholic.  It's been 2 hours since I last shook pepper on Mr. Hot Dog..."  

p.p.s.  You could just read this and then browse away to another spot, but then how would you ever find out what a good e-mail correspondent I am? 


















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in the feedbag:  
tv: I saw an old acquaintance on ER last night!  I feel a new Brush with Greatness coming...  

pc:  BurgerTime, BurgerTime, BurgerTime.  

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Peter the Great by Robert Massie   
Peter liked Limberger cheese..   


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