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November 30, 1998   

My Affair with a Greek woman

It's the kind of thing that catches you when your guard is down.

I happened to be in Nashville on business. The afternoon was free, so I called a friend to show me the sights. We ended up at a museum in Centennial Park. A tall thin man with a gentle Southern accent was engaged in a thoughtful conversation with a shorter, thicker fellow as they studied the black and white photos of folks from the outlying rural areas. Our hunch was rewarded when he confirmed that he was indeed the artist and that the other gentleman was his assistant.

Following a very pleasant chat on the challenges of getting candid shots of people one has never met before, I drifted towards the stairs and headed up while my friend considered a sizeable landscape in oil on canvas.

The concrete steps rose into darkness. I slowed but continued. Reaching the top, my stomach did a flip. A row of enormous stone columns fifty feet high towered over me, supporting the vast ceiling of the central chamber.

I stepped between the columns and there she was.

I pride myself on being somewhat unflappable and even-keeled. Well, in a single moment she capsized my boat.

She stood alone on the far side of the room. Her proud face up and her eyes focused into the middle distance. Sleeveless cotton floor length dress, thick soled sandals. Tall. I mean really tall. Not a conventional beauty, but feminine and strong.

I felt an immediate sense of recognition. In a daze, I crossed the empty chamber to get closer to her, see her better. Frankly, I didn't think she had noticed me although it would have been impossible not to have.

It wasn't exactly a conversation. I could tell she knew I didn't want anything from her, I just wanted to be close. And she spoke to me, quietly.

She'd been living in Nashville for about five years. How she ended up here, she wouldn't say, but you could tell she misses Greece.

With a measured tone of one accustomed to helping extract her friends from unhealthy situations, she talked about this guy she had spent a lot of time with trying to get his life back on track, which ultimately meant he got back with his wife. She smiled. I think everything worked out. I couldn't tell how she was involved with this guy; it didn't sound romantic, but I'm not completely sure.

We talked about stupid things we had done and she was completely embarrassed to admit that she entered a beauty contest once. It was a disaster and a bunch of people she knew got into a huge fight over it.

We snickered and then sat for a few minutes in silence.

She remembers nothing of her childhood. Her parents were strong-willed, creative, and selfish. They fought incessantly. Growing up in a large extended family, things were very competitive. One time she got into this contest with her uncle and won. Said she's not much of a gardener, but created some variety of tree that's very popular in the Mediterranean.

She'll go back some day, but it won't be the same. There was a bad accident that pretty much destroyed the house she grew up in. She didn't want to talk about it.

Her place in Nashville was remodeled a few years back. Big brass doors on rollers. High ceilings. A little gold leaf. Spartan aesthetic. Her eyes shone as she described it.

I can't quite put my finger on it, there was a sadness but also a little bemusement at how things had turned out for her. Proud, compassionate, strong. She belonged to another time, another place. And yet here she was.

We parted in silence.

I wonder if she is lonely. If she is loved and appreciated by those who live closer to her. I don't get to Music City very often, but when I do, I count the hours till I'll see her again.

Athena Parthenos



p.s. Some of her friends are putting together a site for her, but they're not quite done yet...

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p.p.p.s. Bonjour France, Israel and South America.




















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