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December 13, 1998   

Stupid is as stupid does

'Tis the season for that game with the pointy ball known 'round the world as American football. Don't you think we could have come up with a better name for this game?

Man, don't get me started on stupid things Americans do. [How many square feet in a hectare?] You don't want to see me riled up.

Or maybe you do.

New in Stupid: I Was Possessed by Mob Fever.


p.s. I've been very pleased to meet a few of the lurkers who have been stepping out of the darkness into the firelight. Mr. Bond points out that Yamaha never made a "Magna"; I stand corrected. To Lisa in NYC: To those about to rock, we salute you. (Oo, did I just actually make a not-so-veiled reference to AC/DC? Bad Author! Bad!)

p.p.s.  Hey, new days notification list! Notify this!

p.p.p.s. I'm not sure what this says about the future of higher education or the U.S. federal government, but greetings to MIT, Penn State, the Census Bureau and the General Services Administration...




















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in the feedbag: 
happenings: Joyeux Anniversaire, Cathy! I think the Wedding Barbie was a major score.

scary party game: At a b-day dinner party for Cathy, someone asked each person to name the first big concert they went to. The answers? Captain & Tenille, Night Ranger, John Denver, The Doobie Brothers (ZZ Top opened!), 2 x Journey, and a partial credit Jane's Addiction to the gentleman who had no clue how cool that was for a first.

magazine: An amazing piece in Harper's where Nick Cave writes the intro to the Book of Mark in a new publication of the Bible, in which he points out J.C. blew his stack every once in a while too.


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