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February 4, 1999   
Seduction and Indulgence

Wherein the Author is seduced by the allure of the cathode ray tube and Nielsen ratings into drawing ever more tenuous connections between himself and an acquaintance who appeared on not one, but two of the most highly watched network tv shows in the history of humankind.

O.k., a bunch of people watched it.

New in the smelly closet known as Brush with Greatness: He's Not A Doctor, But He Plays One On TV.


p..s. Joining the new days notification list only hurts a little bit, but in a good way.






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what have you done for me lately?
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May you never be more active than  
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in the feedbag: 
VCR: Picnic at Hanging Rock - Director's Cut, slow, building, excruciating tension -- scared the crap out of me, reminded me a lot of the b&w film The Innocents (an adaption of Turn of the Screw); Out of Sight - solid show; Wild Things - not nearly as erotic as one would have hoped.

web: Dost He Protest Too Much?; Oregon jurors rule that terrorism is not protected speech - even on the Web.

game: Rogue Squadron. That's Captain Naze to you, ensign.


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