birthday haiku from

days of naze readers

to the happy boy on his 35th -

thank you!




  too few syllables

to express a birthday wish

but, I guess I'll play

- John Halcyon Styn



haiku! writing it

i absolutely adore,

for the birthday boy


days of naze singing

happy birthday is my song

poetic justice


-Thomas King



belatedly, i say

happy birthday, naze. i don't

read you but i will

- Marianne Aldrich



the crazy people,

sleeping under the night's stars

know that there is truth

- Brian



happy birthday to you

daze person, virtual friend

all days this happy

-Nancy McPoland



i thought i knew you,

seeing your introspection

true knowledge has come

-Mick Westrick



Old Fart of the North

Your viola sings sweetly.

Don't strain your damn knees.


Stupid Things You Have Done:

Ate a flute, sunburned your winkie,

But no tatoos yet.


Lenny yelled at you,

You went down with Joan Rivers.

No permanent scars.


Slivovitz: evil.

Dark Knight Returns: kicks booty.

Church of Elvis: wow.


- Adam Rakunas, haiku master



Christopher is old

His system is shutting down

Death is close behind


- Rob "Mr. Sunshine" Rummel-Hudson


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