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August 25, 1999   
Brush with Greatness:

Threading the Needle

Join me in a little blast from the past. A journey into the addled mind of the Author. We are in control of the horizontal, but particularly in control of the vertical:

Brush with Greatness - Why I Didn't Fall Off the Edge of the Space Needle.

And remember, sometimes you feel like a nut; sometimes you don't.


p.s. Everyone has a reason, although no reasons are necessary: new days notification. Welcome Marianne and Dorie.

p.p.s. If you are in San Francisco on September 18, we've got a date in meat-space. Fray3 is my first web to face event. Which, if I'm to believe what I read about such firsts, means that I'm in store for the cosmic coin flip of orgasmic or tragic. Good material either way. ;-) I've got a suitably lurid tale for the event, which one way or another will make it back here for you, my Faithful Readers.



p.p.p.s. Late thanks to Catherine and to Willa for the monster links.
















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what have you done for me lately? delivered on the sequential navigation. whoa -- what a concept. and it only took a year. now new days fans can devour episode after episode without having to click back to the current days index every damn time.

May you never be more active than  
when you are doing nothing.  


in the feedbag:

film: Blair Witch Project (A-), an amazing film for the $50k cost; ashamed to admit that it scared the shit out of me, having a very hard time getting the final scene out of my mind; The Sixth Sense (A), I was ready to hate this movie; Bruce Willis' first good movie since Die Hard 2 turns out to be a surprisingly dramatic and intelligent psychodrama; the boy who stars deserves an Oscar nomination.

favorite spontaneous phrases of the week: "I'll go to the barricades on that one", "variances in the network topology"

book: The Lost Get Back Boogie by James Lee Burke (B-), one of his first novels before he hit it big with Neon Rain and Black Cherry Blues, his early stuff isn't nearly as compelling as his Robicheaux books, but still entertaining; Born to Rebel: Birth Order, Family Dynamics, and Creative Lives by Frank Sulloway, getting drawn in by the powerful statistically based thesis that birth order is a reliable indicator of behavior.


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