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august 30, 2001

random thoughts

There is a fair amount of coverage of the San Diego Chargers in Portland newspapers because Coach Riley coached Oregon State before taking on the Chargers. (Erickson gets the credit for the meteoric rise of Beaver football but Riley is at least half the reason for the current success of the team.) I've been a casual Bills fan for a while so I was glad to see Flutie get the starting QB position. In an interview he described his sleeping habits which mirror mine exactly: "I just can't sleep until about midnight and I don't function that well before 9 a.m." Go Chargers.

I am an omnivore and have been known to dine at the occasional Carl's Jr. But their commercials are really starting to annoy me. They used to use the messiness of their burgers as a symbol of their quality and might. And that was kind of cute. But now they've got this thing where the ambient biting and chewing sounds are just disturbing. Should a hamburger ever crunch, snap and pop as you eat it? I think not.

Every once in a while, I'll pick up an Elmore Leonard book. I'm rarely disappointed. Reading Gold Coast now and digging it. +9:58 PM


august 28, 2001

quack attack

The karma wagon is starting roll my way. My brother, Craig, called today with the best news of the week: our friend, Mick, will be stuck at a wedding on Saturday which means that his ticket to the monster Oregon vs. Wisconsin (televised in the States on ABC, 5 pm PST) is mine for the taking! WOOHOO!!! Last year our receivers caught a mysterious case of butterfingers. That loss to Wisconsin (on ABC) cost us sole ownership of the PAC-10 title and a trip to the Rose Bowl.

Oregon currently holds the longest home winning streak in college football because Autzen Stadium is an enclosed bowl filled with extremely loyal and active fans. It gets very loud after a great play by the Ducks and during the opponent's snap count. When you're there and you are doing your part, you have an impact on the game. And that's pretty cool. Go Ducks! +10:17 PM


august 26, 2001

When you were younger and less enlightened, did you ever take a magnify glass and fry insects with it? Imagine you are an extremely large child with an extremely large magnifying glass. Imagine yourself in ant city. Go get 'em you sick-os. ;-) [link via that hong kong gangsta, the notorious bwg] +7:18 PM


august 24, 2001

As I was hauling mass quantities of yard debris today, a notion that has been rolling around in my head for a long while surfaced again. Land property is really an issue of space not mass. My yard generates plant matter from the plant, the nutrients in the soil, the water (mostly from the sky) and sunlight. A certain amount of that matter must be taken away or we would become engulfed in it. But when that matter is taken away, am I not losing land? My nutrients are getting hauled away to live somewhere else. Not that I'm alarmed by this but I just find it curious. If I didn't replenish it, wouldn't all my soil be gone in about a thousand years? Or is it just the nutrients that leave? And if that is the case, how can tiny quantities of nutrients, water and sunlight generate so much mass? +3:48 PM


august 15, 2001

I heard about Jack Saturn's zine 'we ain't got no car!' from Derek Powazek. I mean, two bucks? How can you go wrong?

I PayPal'ed Jack the dough and got a reply a few hours later. Turns out that Jack lives about 15 blocks from me and walks by my house on the way to the Paradox Cafe on Belmont every once in a while. I just may have one of the few hand delivered copies of wagnc!#6 in existence. For me the zine was a fully immersive experience. He tells the story (not always flattering) of his first couple months in Portland. I snarfed it down in one big gulp on a summer evening last week. Highly recommended. Jack is one talented dude. +8:33 PM


august 8, 2001

I'm sitting here working on the job search and totally grooving on The Smiths and a bunch of other very cool bands playing on my all time favorite station, WBER in Rochester, New York. I ran a college radio station in my younger days and WBER plays exactly what I would program. Their 80k connection plays good quality stereo more reliably than most Net stations. Check it out and let them know if you like it. Most of the staff do it simply for the love of the music, just like all of us out here doing our little bit. +3:51 PM


august 3, 2001

string delight

I just got back from a wonderful visit to the Kerr Violin Shop. It's been about 8 years since I had my viola appraised so David and I took it into the shop for a re-appraisal. It's an Italian (Rome) instrument made in 1980 by a man named Guiseppe Lucci. My ideal would be to sell it and use the proceeds to buy an instrument with less cachet (and lower price), but one with a richer tone especially in the lower range, and with a darker varnish that reveals more of the natural wood grain.

They need to keep my viola for a few days to ascertain it's present value so they gave me a very cool loaner by a local maker named Jerry Mathos that really fits the bill. Of course, they lent me a killer bow that is a thousand times better than mine. It has nice weight and excellent balance. Man, this is fun!

While we were there my friend, Steve Banchero, sized David for a beginner violin. They didn't have any one-tenth size violins in stock but they're going to get him on the waiting list. David is the child who has expressed the most interest in playing. I might start him on lessons in the Fall... +5:51 PM



   May you never be more active than when you are doing nothing.




They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.  

-Carl W. Buehner


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