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october 31, 2001

After a 6 month hiatus, Evaporation is back. Steve Amaya returns -- on a Vespa! +9:27 PM


october 27, 2001

David Delamare is a very talented painter who lives and works about 5 blocks from my house. He completed a book, Animerotics: A Forbidden Cabaret, earlier this year that is a collection of paintings of nude and semi-nude women with exotic animals, based on an actual show of this kind from the 1930's. David's significant other and business manager, Wendy Ice, is the model for the cover of the book -- definitely the most striking image in the collection. +9:42 PM


Yesterday was our 10th wedding anniversary. Cathy and I stayed in a nice hotel downtown, splurged on a fancy restaurant and had a beautiful evening. We're lucky to have family that allow us to get out on a fairly regular basis, but this was the first big celebration we've had together since our Vegas trip. +9:27 PM


october 24, 2001

Yes, it requires you to upgrade to QuickTime 5. Yes, it takes a little while to download. But the new Lord of the Rings trailer will completely blow you away. +9:20 PM


This is the reason that people should take notice of Oregon QB Joey Harrington. +7:45 PM


I say amen to Matt's complaints about how Microsoft XP demotes you from an operating system owner to an operating system lessee (thanks, Ray, for the correction). +6:57 PM


october 20, 2001


There went Oregon's dream of a national championship and the longest home winning streak in the nation. Stanford was the better team today. They lost their starting QB Fasani but just wouldn't quit. Our special teams were schizophrenic, returning kicks and punts for TD's then getting our punts blocked and missing a field goal. That kept our valiant but generally over-achieving defense on the field too long, wearing them out. Our secondary made some stupid gambles going for interceptions when they should have just slapped the ball down. They couldn't stop the onslaught of the powerful Cardinal front line. Joey's interceptions were uncharacteristic and in the final equation fatal.

Stanford, however, demonstrated poor sportsmanship afterward, performing an extensive celebration on the center of our field complete with numerous backflips and other juvenile actions. I can't say that I respect them much for that. We win a lot of games and sometimes we lose, but we're not that kind of team. +5:43 PM


october 18, 2001

why co-ed steam rooms are better

  • Co-ed steam rooms are scented with that nice mint oil. In gender seperated steam rooms they figure that you are a guy, you smell, you're not going to mind the leftover sweat odors, we're not gonna mask it with a fancy fragrance.
  • You've got your suit on in the co-ed -- you're usually naked in the gender separated. Nudity inhibits conversation, especially among naked guys.
  • Three words: much better view.
+4:54 PM


october 12, 2001

I gave my 47th pint of blood today. This is the second blood donation on which David has accompanied me. He likes the Sprite and cookies after. His description of the blood color in the receiving bag as blackish red is spot on.

I'm working on a new days piece for those on the notification list only. Hopefully, I'll nail it down within a week. +6:46 PM


october 5, 2001

I'm not a huge fan of web animation, but with a title like Super Orgy Porno Party you have to take a look. Turns out to be a pretty fun and innocent clay animation with a catchy tune. (Of course, posting this link is like opening the sleaze gate from the search engines. Probably do 'em some good, eh?) +9:19 PM



   May you never be more active than when you are doing nothing.




They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.  

-Carl W. Buehner


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