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january 29, 2002

"This water tastes like sperm."

Mighty Girl pays attention to her environment. +9:32 PM


january 26, 2002

Yes, I am Alexander Borodin

"Son of a 19th Century Russian prince and a...non-royal...mother, you went to medical school and became a biochemist. Most people, however, (and probably your twenty cats as well) agree that they'd trade all of your scientific discoveries for another set of "Polovetsian Dances".

The Dead Russian Composer Test is hard to resist for a fan of Dead Russian Composers, such as myself. Borodin's "Polovetsian Dances" have been used in about a million early 20th century (man, that's feels so weird using that term) film scores. It features a lovely lyrical melody introduced by the viola section. Which happens, oh, about never in orchestral music. [link via Rob]. +10:36 PM


january 22, 2002

If you drink soda after eating a mouthful of Pop Rocks, will your stomach explode?

Important science: one more reason to watch The Ben Brown Show everyday. +9:40 PM


january 20, 2002

like tears in rain

I was droving home after a workout this afternoon when I saw a great plume of smoke rising in the air directly in the path. It was a four alarm blaze that burned down the old Monte Carlo Restaurant.

Little bits of Portland seem to die each year. I know that this cycle of life brings new things but I can't help but feel a little melancholy. Some people will tell you that Drugstore Cowboy is the best movie ever shot in the Rose City and that was a fine film. But for my money, an obscure movie starring none other than Burt Reynolds, called Breaking In is the best. (Ignore the IMDB score -- the people who voted it that low must be high.) The Italian restaurant scenes were shot in the Monte Carlo. Read the article and you'll find an interesting remembrance of the old place from a local doctor. +11:09 PM


january 19, 2002

Last week, Salon featured a provocative piece by Jean Tang where she forcefully asserts the supremacy of Star Wars over The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring. The reader response is highly entertaining. +9:30 PM


january 16, 2002

my head, part one

Since summer, I've been doing more walking to get places. Autumn in the Pacific Northwest means steady drizzle until May. In this part of the world, people take a strange pride in not using umbrellas. But then again, most people are pretty safe going from interior of dry car through a short bit of outside drizzle to a dry interior of a building. In today's world, hats are really WEIRD. So I bought a hat. Just because I'm outside, why should I get soaked?

I bought a simple forest green wool fedora. The boys call it my Indiana Jones hat. I really like this hat. My head stays dry. My heads stays warm. I don't lose the hat because I set it right in front of me when I take it off. But, of course, I wrote my e-mail address inside it just in case.

People stare at you when you wear a hat. People don't wear hats. You are wearing a hat. Man, wearing that hat is so *unusual*.

Sigh. +9:29 PM


january 10, 2002

Todd has been thinking about the nature of obsession. +11:27 AM


january 8, 2002

We got Jack a lizard for Christmas. And when I say "we", I mean Cathy. I'm not ashamed to tell you that I argued strenuously against this one. We have had some major pet disasters, and the wife has initiated all of them. I do not like lizards. I don't want to touch it or hold it or feed it or bury it. But you know, from a distance, I'm starting to appreciate this creature Jack calls "Mr. Yellow". He's a uromastic and if we had a ton of room and money, his home would look something like this. Alas, alas... +9:43 AM


Some things you can alway rely on: getting hits from porn searches. The most popular search over the last 3 months? Joey+Harrington+nude. Sorry to disappoint, pervs. +9:35 AM


january 3, 2002

Nebraska has no business being in the Rose Bowl. They are down 0-34 at the half. What a joke. Oregon was ranked #2 before the bowls. Oregon could have made the Rose Bowl a real game. +6:49 PM


january 1, 2002


"We made a statement today," Harrington said. "Thirty-eight unanswered points and shut down the hottest team in the country. We showed we deserved to be playing for a share of the national championship."

We stomped Colorado 38-16. It wasn't even that close. We shut down their vaunted rush offense and intercepted 3 of their passes. Our passing game ripped up their defense and then our running game was the dagger. No matter what happens on Thursday, I know in my heart that we are the best team in the nation. Ah, sweet victory! +8:26 PM


the biggest day in Oregon Football history

The Fiesta Bowl begins in about 2 and a half hours, featuring #2 Oregon versus #3 Colorado. If Nebraska beats Miami on Thursday, the winner of the Fiesta Bowl will lay claim to a split national championship with Nebraska.

If you haven't picked a side yet, consider the following:

  • Oregon is a team cobbled together with guys who aren't the greatest athletes, but that work harder and play with greater cohesion than their more naturally gifted counterparts.
  • Oregon runs a very clean program. We have one of the highest graduation rates in the country. They're led by Mike Bellotti, a coach with a passion for football but keeps a cool head and deals with problems respectfully and maturely.
  • Joey Harrington went to high school in my neighborhood. He is an amazing quarterback, having led countless fourth quarter comeback victories. But probably most importantly, he is a totally classy guy.
  • I know that most fans and players at Colorado are probably good people. But at a certain point you have to wonder if there isn't something in the character of the program that isn't quite right. Colorado players and recruits may have been involved in a serious sexual assault. Players suspended. Colorado fans celebrated a victory over Texas by rioting and destroying parts of Boulder. And not for the first time.
  • Bad blood. We've met Colorado 2 times in bowl games and we sucked both times. I attended the Cotton Bowl several years ago. In the parking lot at half time, a contingent of Colorado fans tried to start a fight with me and some fellow Duck fans. After the Buffs got way ahead, a few of their fans came over into our section and taunted us for the remainder of the game. Rick Neuheisel, their coach, decided that a 21 point lead in the final minutes of the game wasn't enough. He ran a fake punt on third down to insure that he could run the score up even more.

    So there you have it. May karma rule with Ducks victorious. +12:24 PM





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