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february 28, 2002

Free Geek: a non-profit down the street that recycles and refurbishes old computers and then gives them away in exchange for a few hours of community service. They also provide free internet access at a couple of cafes in the neighborhood.

Less trash in the dump, old machines that act like new machines by running Linux and open source apps, people that couldn't afford computers getting them for a few hours of volunteer work, and the world of Linux users grows. What is not to like here? +9:51 PM


february 25, 2002

Reminder to self: 20 oz Mountain Dew exceeds my weekly caffeine intake by about 300%. Now where's my damn bungee cord? +10:44 PM


In general, I have faith in my fellow citizens' ability to make decisions that are in the best interest of the country as a whole. But sometimes I am reminded how wilfully ignorant a great minority of us can be and how criminally negligent some corporations can be. And it does shake my faith.

I'm not going to pretend that the Carter administration was somehow perfect, but the more one learns about the decisions made by his people, the more you come to respect it. They had the data that proved how unsafe the Bronco II, the prototype for the Ford Explorer and other SUV's, was and how prone it was to rollover. Reagan came in and appointed a puppet that over-ruled all of the science, and all of the people in that agency. Thousands of deaths. Increased dependence on foreign oil. It wasn't the tires, it was the vehicle. Just now, SUV's are being designed wider and lower to the ground. But just ask Nasser, CEO of Ford. "It doesn't have anything to do with safety." Right.

It never had to happen. +12:20 AM


february 22, 2002

I'm feeling really good right now. Just thought I'd share. +12:36 PM


february 20, 2002

"I know I'm not going to get a good position," he says with moist eyes. "But I am an Olympian. No one will take that away from me. I will be an Olympian forever."

I try to be indifferent. But the fact remains: I love the Olympics.

Don't confuse coverage of the Olympics with the Games themselves. The drama is personal in a way that commercial sports can never be. +1:11 PM


february 19, 2002

"I spent the holiday contemplating my own obscurity. If you're a terribly self-absorbed person with very little sense of perspective, this is an exercise I cannot recommend enough."

Todd is at it again.

[If there's nothing going on here, I might as well point you to some goodies...] +7:13 PM


february 17, 2002

Alexis Massie speaks on the nature of God.

And I say 'amen'. +12:03 PM


february 16, 2002

Adventures of a Big White Guy in Hong Kong.

Randall's new banner graphic = instant classic. +10:21 AM


february 9, 2002

"Portland is kind of a mecca for transsexuals."

It's nice to be known for something... +9:41 PM


february 5, 2002

"I of course remember the Saturday night practice where Mr. A went stand by stand through the 2nd violin section to see who exactly was making such a mess of the piece. That would've been me."

I get these great e-mails from alumni of the Portland Youth Philharmonic after they read about my experiences in the orchestra. I love the Web, I love stories, and I love e-mail. +9:37 PM


february 3, 2002

"The mouthful is a unit of measure for volume used by the ancient Egyptians."

Yes, people, it's in my math book. I'm not making this up. +9:03 PM





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