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april 30, 2002

Derek Powazek had a very interesting conversation with Howard Rheingold about the nature and future of virtual communities. +9:41 PM


april 28, 2002

recently consumed

  • Star Wars: Underworld - Carlos Meglia sketches his world of bounty hunters and plotters in cartoony, hard angled lines that propel the story. (7)
  • The Soprano's: 2nd Season - Christopher's pursuit of a career in screenwriting is my favorite subplot this season. (8)
  • Sexy Beast - Perhaps the singlemost annoying film I have seen in 4 years. The critics raved, but this is the first movie I have fast forwarded to the end in a very long time. (2)
+12:35 PM


april 27, 2002

Stop whatever you are doing. Go immediately to Mighty Girl's new piece "Ladies Night Transcript" at The Morning News. (Unless you are 16 or under -- R rated for "racy".) +2:44 PM


Cathy set Elizabeth up on the kitchen table with 3 little containers of "spill-proof" paint. Elizabeth dipped her brush into the paint and began to cover the paper. Elizabeth dipped her brush into the paint and then painted her face -- all over. Elizabeth then rubbed her face in the paint on the paper. "Rrraaaaarrrr!" +9:43 AM



The bathroom is an unending source of amusement for David. +9:39 AM


april 21, 2002

As my daughter, Elizabeth, says, "Happy Too-doo!" I'm 38 years old this morning, in a major life transition but with a new path that energizes me and gives me direction.

Joyeux Anniversaire to my fellow Taureans Iggy Pop, Elaine May, Charles Grodin, Robert Smith (of The Cure) and, of course, my pal, Queen Elizabeth II. I'll see you at tea, Your Majesty. +12:18 PM


april 19, 2002

Only 27 more shopping hours until my birthday. No, don't bother checking out my wish list, even the extremely reasonably priced items. I don't need your gifts. I gain just as must satisfaction from listing the items as actually receiving them... +9:05 PM


Just got back from the boys' school carnival. Jack did the cake walk until he won. But by that time, all the cakes were gone. He won a loaf of olive bread. Don't get me wrong, I love olive bread. It's from the best bakery in town. But there is something really sad about winning bread at the cake walk. +9:00 PM


april 17, 2002

"The second thing blogs do is - to invoke Marx - seize the means of production."

(Can't resist any quote that contains the words Marx and blog.) +6:21 PM


For those of you keeping score at home...

Oregon Death with Dignity:
Oregon 1, Ashcroft 0 +6:16 PM


april 15, 2002

Weird. Today, an armed burglar is killed by police in a very quiet neighborhood about 15 blocks from my home and then a woman fleeing police in Scappoose, next to a gravel pit on Siercks Road, a few hundred meters from the house I lived in when I went to high school, was shot dead by local police -- the first shooting by a Scappoose officer in more than 30 years. +1:49 AM


april 14, 2002

"Each of you carries baggage from your political affiliation, and all of that baggage has a punky smell to it, like one of your larger species of rodent crawled in and expired in your folded underwear."

John Scalzi has been writing on the Web for quite some time, but this recently published piece is my favorite. +6:33 PM


"If our lives don't feel significant, sometimes it's not our lives, but our response to our lives, which needs to be richer."

-Theodore Roethke +11:01 AM


april 10, 2002

romantic interlude

Early Saturday night, Cathy and I were coming home from a new place downtown when we were stopped at the Hawthorne Bridge (one of the old bridges in Portland that raises for river traffic). The CD player was spinning a collection of Maria McKee bootleg songs when Promise You Anything came on, a song she co-wrote with Steve Earle. The lyrics paint such a vivid scene of longing and flirtation. I've always loved that song and especially that performance -- Maria makes it sparkle. It's a kind of goofy teenage satisfaction when you and your partner dig the same music. (Maria keeps teasing about a tour, but I'll believe her when I see her.) +10:05 PM


I've had some difficulty (even with my cable modem) downloading this bootleg copy of the Two Towers preview, but it was worth it. The casting is amazing, especially Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn and, of course, Ian McKellan as Gandalf. +9:27 PM


april 3, 2002

"We choose to go to the moon. We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win, and the others, too."

I e-mailed the JFK Library about a JFK quote I was seeking and received the answer above in about 8 hours. Considering when their work day started, it was closer to a 3 hour response. Man, that is service.

I don't care what you think about JFK's personal life, he was an amazing person and, quite frankly, the primary reason why we made it to the moon. That's one reason that history will always remember the U.S. I get a little chill down my spine every time I hear the recording of this speech. +11:32 PM





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