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september 29, 2002

joey triumphs again

"The kid is a playmaker and is a natural-born leader. I love the way he handles himself. When he tells you something, you believe in him, because when you look in his eyes, you see a guy with a ton of confidence and a lot of determination.''

In just his 2nd NFL start, Joey Harrington, looking like a veteran, leads the long suffering Detroit Lions to victory over the Saints. Yeah, I'm getting my ass kicked in fantasy football, but Joey is my starting QB, and that's plenty good enough for me. +9:02 PM


september 28, 2002

rabbit cares for her readers

"You know and I know that we have a wonderful, deeply fulfilling relationship, little squash blossoms. You know Mommy loves you in a special way."

Rabbit dissects clueless advice giver then cringes at the person she barely recognizes in a recently printed interview. Go read now. +9:51 PM


september 25, 2002


I'm in the process of reversing 38 years of circadian rhythms: I'm turning myself into a morning person. I'm not sure if I'll ever become a true member of the club, but, in pursuit of a major goal, I'm on my way to honorary membership. +9:37 PM


Craig Mitchell, God, and me

"I've often thought only two people knew about Prefab Sprout, an 80's band that got completely overlooked by the mainstream. History has lost this band and now only two people remember them: Me and God."

I ran a college radio station in 1985-86. I actually remember Prefab Sprout. Decent stuff, but I prefer The Screamin' Sirens. Check out Craig Mitchell's web classic: She Hates My Futon. [via matt] +9:34 PM


september 22, 2002

"The crowd chanted 'Jo-ey!, Jo-ey!'"

In the final minute of the game, down 31-37 to the Packers, Joey lofted a beautiful pass to a streaking Mikhael Ricks in the end zone, which fell incomplete off Ricks' fingertips. Yes, the last play of the game he threw an interception (his 4th of the day) into a crowd of defenders, but he also threw 2 TD's and showed the world that this guy is seriously clutch, like we've known here for years.

In my fantasy football league, I benched the reliable Jeff Garcia (Niners) and started Joey, mostly out of respect, but also because he grew up about 12 blocks from where I live now. I'm really glad I did it, even if things had gone badly.

Oregon crushed poor I-AA hometown Portland State (aaaawwww) 41-0. Don't blame Oregon. Tulane and Michigan both backed out of their commitments to play us. We're ranked 9th in the nation. Our defense is intense, but our offense has been slow out of the gate. The PAC-10 is an incredibly tough conference this year -- half of the conference is ranked in the top 25. +8:55 PM


september 18, 2002

crossing my fingers

The Detroit Lions became my NFL team when they drafted Joey Harrington. I thought they were going to give him more time to get up to NFL speed. No such luck. The 0-2 Lions have made Number 3 their starting quarterback. Joey is an amazing guy. Message to the offensive line: protect Joey at all costs. There is no learning curve when you are flat on your back the whole game. +9:52 PM


september 17, 2002

feelin' it

This re-inventing yourself stuff has been a long hard road. But it is a good one. +9:58 PM


september 16, 2002

the descent of this water

"Rain is grace; rain is the sky condescending to the earth..."
-- John Updike +8:34 PM


september 14, 2002

namo amida butsu

Today, Jack and I had the honor of attending a Buddhist wedding. As with nearly every aspect of Japanese culture I have experienced thus far, I found the ceremony to be beautiful, fitting and very much in sync with my spirit. I asked my son to sign his name in Japanese on the guest list. I looked down on the characters he had written with the fine felt tip pen -- elegant and clean. I felt so proud and was instantly reminded of how far he had come since he was 5.

The bride stood in the lobby with a smile and a beautiful orange silk kimono. We sat in the second row of pews which gave us a great view of the ritual. The bride entered the sanctuary of the temple with an elaborate thick cotton robe and a magnificent white headdress forming a near circle as it spanned from one ear across the top of her head to the other ear. She walked in tiny steps; her heels hung off the end of her traditional sandals.

The celebrant (i.e. minister), a large Euro-American, quoted short passages from the Buddha and very briefly chanted in Chinese a formal reliance upon 3 central tenents of Buddhism: the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha.

The wedding ended with a ritual adapted from Shinto tradition, where the bride and groom, along with their close family and friends drink from a cup of sake. Each in turn goes to drink once, goes to drink twice and then on the third time drinks the sake. The first two times represent the unreality of their separate lives, the third time represents the reality of their life together.

From the program explaining the Buddhist wedding: "We do not think of marriage as sanctifying or purifying the union. The recognition by the bride and groom that they are mutually dependent upon one another is itself a sacred insight. We celebrate the couple's discernment that humans do not live separate lives." +9:38 PM


september 12, 2002

"You better enjoy today Billy. You're a long time dead."

My Grandma & Grandpa Eades gave me a book when I was about 9: The Greatest American Athletes of the 20th Century. It was only the early 70's, so you could argue the book was a little early out of the gates. But from this book I learned about amazing people like Jim Thorpe. There was also an entry for Johnny Unitas, who died yesterday. I was particularly moved by this remembrance of him. +11:57 AM


i love kids

I took some old ice cream (not too old) and milk and made milkshakes for my children last night. They thought that was the coolest thing in the world. Honestly, at first I was just thinking of a way to use up the ice cream. But for them, it was a party. +11:45 AM


september 10, 2002

remember: they lived

When I die, I want people to sit around and tell stories about me. Some goofy stories, some serious stories, and the sad ones too. What I really *don't* want is people taking up a lot of air talking about how I died. My life will have spanned decades -- my death but a moment. It's my life that I want people to remember.

I'm trying to focus on the stories from the lives of those who perished and those who survived the attacks (in Pennsylvania and D.C. as well as NYC). National Public Radio featured a moving piece today that does some of that: The Sonic Memorial.

The Rolling Requiem is another extraordinary memorial. Mozart's Requiem Mass will be performed by more than 15,000 musicans and volunteers around the world to honor those lost and those grieving from the tragedy. +10:35 PM


september 8, 2002

she calls 'em the way she sees 'em

Frykitty evaluates ideas generated from a Metafilter brainstorm on how to reduce sexism. She is delightfully ruthless in sifting out the chaff. +9:06 PM



Give it to Fresno State. They came into one of the most punishing stadiums in the country without their starting quarterback and star receiver and very nearly took the game. After the first drive, our offense sputtered. Was it the Bulldogs' fleet defense or an out of sync Oregon attack? Probably some of both. As many times as I've seen us win the final minutes, this one really had me doubting when our qb Jason Fife fumbled with 5 minutes left. Silly me. Our defense comes up big, gets the ball back to Jason who drives the team down for the last minute score. Ducks 28 - Bulldogs 24. +11:28 AM


september 7, 2002

closing the window

September 21 may be the autumnal equinox, but I open my bedroom window in May and it is officially fall when I close the window. It's fall, people. +8:43 PM


september 6, 2002

and speaking of

"[Apple] is holding an ace in the hole: a feature-complete version of Mac OS X running atop the x86 architecture." +6:13 PM


september 5, 2002

biting an old apple

Over the last week I've been using a circa 1996 PowerMac running OS7, and let me tell you, the combination of slow performance and Apple OS disorientation makes for a very trying experience. I know that OS7 is ancient history, but Windows98 (my OS for my home PC) is better in so many ways it's hard to believe. That was the turning point where Apple had clearly lost the interface battle. I must admit that I am fascinated by OSX. The Unix foundation is very cool. +9:52 PM


september 2, 2002

a presumption of incompetence

Until I hear a reasonable expection of why Ward Weaver wasn't considered a suspect from day one, I have to presume that the Oregon City Police and the FBI were incompetent in this case. +12:14 AM





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