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november 27, 2002

montage: music, might, magic

The new Two Towers trailer on my desktop has scarcely had any rest since I downloaded it last week. It is, in itself, a masterful film. +11:55 PM


something to be thankful for

We still do better than nearly all countries when it comes to freedom of speech and common sense standards for libel and slander.

British television requires you to get permission from your subject before you can make fun of them. +1:52 PM


steering for the reefs

I consider myself a fiscal conservative. Make sound, long term investments. Don't chase rainbows. Stay with the task at hand. Got some extra? Spend some, but invest most of it in things that endure. Borrow only for what really matters.

The notion that George and the Republicans are the party of fiscal conservatism is a joke. After years of trimming the national debt (under the villainous Clinton -- oh, aren't we glad he's gone), now it is ballooning to pay the wealthy for the tax cut G.W. gave them *and* for overspending on defense.

Oregon Republicans have controlled our state legislature for the last 8 years. Through the boom years of the '90's, they insisted on sending 'surplus' (revenues collected over what was budgeted) checks back to taxpayers instead of saving it for bad times. (In Oregon, the state most heavily dependent on income tax, that meant again that the wealthy benefited most.) Well, guess what? We're up against the wall with the 3rd highest unemployment in the nation and the worst funding gap (Oregon's constitution wisely requires a balanced budget). The compassion-impaired say 'let the chain saws rip'. Oregon schools, already with the shortest school year in the nation, are faced with lopping off weeks more, cheating the students and saddling the parents with even higher childcare costs.

Gee, do you think a rainy day fund would have been a good idea? +11:40 AM


november 25, 2002

looking to the rest of the flock for good news

Those who care already know: it was a bad second half for the Ducks on Saturday. So, it was a pleasant surprise to find that the man who played back up for Oregon legend Joey Harrington last year, A.J. Feeley [I suppose the blank spot for the photo on this link will be filled soon], had the greatest game of his career with the Philadelphia Eagles in front of millions of viewers on Monday Night Football.

Koy Detmer, filling in for an injured phenom Donavan McNabb, was beating the Niners when he was thrown to the ground, injuring his arm. A.J. stepped in and calming connected on all 3 of his 3 passes, including a TD pass, giving him an impressive passer rating of 129.9 on the night. A.J. has always been a very talented player and would have easily started for any other PAC-10 team. It's great to see a good guy get a chance to show his stuff in the spotlight. Go Ducks! +10:44 PM


november 23, 2002

one million to lose unemployment benefits

"'In the beginning there was anger, then frustration and now distress,' she said. 'I never ever thought it would take this long to find a job. Without my mother I probably would be in a homeless shelter right now.'

'The House and the Senate have to get something done in order for the president to have something to sign,' Fleischer said, refusing six times to state outright Bush's position on extending benefits."

I'm lucky to have a spouse who can carry us while I go back to school and change careers. Many, many are not so fortunate. +6:28 PM


entertainment on and off the field

Oregon is down 17-24 at the half. After the first drive, we completely lost the momentum, getting tons of penalties and not connecting on passes. And then Fife connected to Howry on a monster 80 yard touchdown pass. We rumbled back to a 17-17 score. One of our plays was a screen pass -- to a tackle! It's great to see our guys battling and making this a hard fought game.

And then the halftime entertainment was, um, unexpected and delightful. Raarrrrrrr!!! +2:58 PM


november 22, 2002

oregon's civil war

Nearly all of this season's statistical categories point to an Oregon State win over Oregon on Saturday at Corvallis. Oregon is in that uncomfortable position of coming off an 11-1 season last year, to a 7-4 record thus far that feels absolutely miserable. The fair weather fans have jumped, and that's just fine with me. The underdog in the Civil War has almost always outperformed (if not beat) the favorite. We must have a masterful passing game from our QB Jason Fife and our very talented receivers to win this one, because our star running back, Onterrio Smith, is out recovering from knee surgery and the Oregon State defense has been strong against the run.

I'm betting with my heart on this one: Oregon 27 - Oregon State 24. +10:24 PM


hubba hubba

Lena Olin is brilliantly cast on Alias as Sydney Bristow's mother, Irina Derevko. Where Sydney is fresh and athletic like a dancer, Irina is cagey and masterful like a lion. She sits in her cell as if she is simply stopping by on her way to somewhere else. And with that long, dark mane, an arched eyebrow and that devastating smirk, she is sexy as hell. +9:40 PM


november 19, 2002

saying 'yes' to life

"There is no wrong star. The heavens have no defect, and we are in them." +9:34 PM


november 16, 2002

the horror, the horror

I didn't expect another 11-1 season from my Oregon Ducks. We've had a magical run culminating in a #2 ranking last year. Joey Harrington now starts for the Detroit Lions and is doing a pretty damn good job.

It's the way that we're losing. Take the game we're about to lose to the arch foe Washington Huskies. We leapt out to a 14-0 lead on consecutive touchdown drives. And then it all caves in. Our defensive secondary is just young and not very good. The PAC-10 is a conference all about passing. You just don't realize how valuable a great cornerback is until you lose him. Last season we would stack up guys on the defensive line and dare them to throw. We'd get beat sometimes, but their ground game would go nowhere. Now we have to play zone defense. Our guys give enormous cushions and then let the opponents make reception after reception. Every quality QB in the conference has picked us apart. It drives you nuts.

Last week, against a very good Washington State team, the defense really redeemed themselves, scoring 2 defensive touchdowns. But then the other shoe dropped. Jason Fife quietly was accumulating a very good record and a great passer rating. And then he just started missing receivers. Too high. Far short. Interceptions. The vaunted Oregon offense, always our strength, went into the toilet. For years, especially the last 2, Oregon has been legendary for 4th quarter comebacks. This year, sadly, the 3rd quarter collapse has become our calling card.

Don't get me wrong -- I'm not giving up on my team. It's just a very hard turn of events. I know it's tough for guys on the team too. +3:58 PM


november 14, 2002

and if you play the record backward...

Yesterday, the word 'lycanthropy' came up. I knew what it was because I played a lot of Dungeons & Dragons in my younger days. A person at the table gave me this look of concern. "Didn't a bunch of people commit suicide because of that game?" I wait a beat, because I don't want to meet ignorance with emotion. "Um, that's an urban legend. Most people who really worried about that game never played it or ever watched anyone play it. You don't dress up in costumes and swing swords. The role play is pretty much in your head." The sad part is that she didn't look convinced.

I'm starting to recall some distant memory of a bunch of kids doing some kind of violence or murder, which was attributed to, or somehow supposed to be connected to the fact that they played Dungeons & Dragons. But I guess Twinky's were also linked to a homocide one time... +7:54 PM


november 11, 2002

the city of lights

Jason and Meg (probably the most brilliant couple on the internet) arrived in Paris on November 1 on a most excellent adventure. Damn, I'm jealous. +9:00 AM


november 9, 2002


Tonight the family gathered to watch Disney's Tarzan. As Tarzan's reluctanct adopted ape father dies from a shotgun wound and finally accepts Tarzan as his son with his dying words, David calls out, "Boring!" I chastised the little guy for his rudeness.

David: "I see rudeness everywhere. On t.v. (Pointing at Cathy.) In your coffee." +10:43 PM


word fun

Just finished a nice little game of Book Worm. My first try - score 110k, rank Librarian (whee!), longest word - trample, best word - moron. The perfect Saturday night diversion. [via beth] +10:39 PM


november 4, 2002


"We drive for a minute or two, quietly, and he says, "It's all so beautiful, thank you for taking me" and he is crying, gently." +9:37 PM


maxed out

Sometimes it's so hard to understand what is going on in my son David's little mind. I picked him up from school today and he seemed happy to see me. When we got home, he set down his backpack on the kitchen table. "I'm gonna do my homework." David is in first grade and like most of his classmates is an emergent reader, which means he is in the early stages of learning to read. He enjoys reading books to me like "Moonbear's Friends" and "No, David!" (surprise, surprise).

The worksheet has a brief sentence with a blank towards the end. There are 3 choices below the blank -- each are 3 letter words. We read the first sentence together. He's already decided which answer should go in the blank. I ask him to read the other 2 choices so we can be sure it's the right choice. He resists. I ask again. No dice. Next sentence. I ask him to start the sentence. And that is the beginning of a half hour screaming, yelling, crying, raging tantrum in which he tears the homework, lays down on the ground, and kicks the door while in time out.

Numerous times I tried to quiet things down, but nothing pierced the tantrum vortex. He whipsaws between "I want help!", "I don't care!", and "I hate this homework!" Twenty minutes into the tantrum Iose my temper and yell at him. I don't feel good about it later. The terrible irony is that he would have been done in about 5 minutes if he could have gained control of himself.

Later, the subject of David's temper comes up when I'm talking with Jack (9 years old). Jack offers, "Maybe he should get therapy. My friend went and he feels better now." Me -- nodding, considering the possibility.

About 10 minutes later, talking with Cathy (she at the end of her rope as well): "Maybe he'll have to go to jail." +4:15 PM


brush with sibling greatness

I was in the locker room of the place I work out and had to check something in my schedule. A tall lanky guy in his mid-sixties asks, "Is that a Franklin Planner?" I've used one for about eight years and I really like it. We talked about how powerful the simple idea of keeping things in one place can be and how paper is still a superior technology to PDA's in many ways.

Later, I introduced myself and told him it was nice to meet him. He replied, "I'm Joe Smith. My brother started Franklin." +3:40 PM


november 2, 2002

dig dug redux

"I shudder to think of the vast sums of both time and money I wasted in poorly-lit arcades and pizza parlors during my formative years, staring blankly at improperly calibrated CRT monitors and learning new swear words from unruly teenagers who smoked and hit things without provocation."

I've been meaning to write about what has happened to video games over the years. Angry White Girl pulls no punches. +9:20 PM



"The Bush administration withheld reports that concluded buying out farms in the Klamath Basin and leaving their irrigation water in the Klamath River would create a thriving downstream fishery and expanded recreation with a value that far exceeds that of the farms, a co-author of the reports said Friday...

The delay coincides with the historic die-off of more than 33,000 migrating adult salmon in the lower Klamath River. The kill is linked by government biologists and others to the diversion of water to upriver farms, although Bush administration officials say that linkage is not scientifically supported."

Running up the national debt to give tax breaks to the rich, treading on our freedoms in the name of fighting terrorism, attacking Oregonians right to govern themselves (e.g. our Death with Dignity Act), dragging us to into a war that Americans don't want. Now he's slaughtering our salmon and destroying the fishing and tourism industry that generates more revenue than agriculture in the Klamath Basin.

The "let's see how he does before we judge" period is over. Bush sucks. Don't wonder why your daddy called Portland "Little Beirut". Expect worse next time you visit. +11:21 AM





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