strung out
                  my life as an amateur violist

a late start / a discovery 

pizzacato frampton 


 captured imagination 

 the audition 

 pushed into the deep end 

 a different kind of school 

 the lost years 

 the show 

 conversion / i see the alto clef light! 

 i saw god with help from dmitri shostakovich 

 on tour: a big bite of the big apple 

 black silk shirt and slivovitz 

 down & out in vienna / poco a poco disastre 

 sitting number two 

 hangin' in, holdin on 

  The long-winded story of a so-so string player, ignorant and stubborn, who got a lucky break and stumbled into a music scene that blew his mind, expanded his consciousness, and warped him forever.  

(Humiliation, romance, temptation, fame, and impoverishment supplied in no particular order...)  

Shall we begin the beguine? 



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